Iftar Party on Yachts

Iftar Party on Luxury Yachts

Iftar Cruise on Luxury Yachts

We welcome you to enjoy an exclusive Iftar cruise on luxury yachts with a view of stunning coastlines, while sailing on the calm blue waters. The Iftar party package includes:
  • 3hrs luxury yacht cruise
  • Ramadan special drinks and dates
  • Delectable meals, appetizers, and desserts
  • Unlimited soft drinks & water
  • Prayer area for men and women
Break your fast with a delicious iftar buffet on our luxury yachts – Book your iftar cruise package now!

Ramadan Iftar Cruise on Dubai Yachts

Dubai Yachts offers an exclusive Iftar Yacht Cruise package to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan and share the magic of joy and love. Accommodating guests ranging from 12 to 35 aboard our luxury yacht, you can feel the ambience of Ramadan and have a marvellous feast of Iftar with your close ones. The Iftar menu features a blend of traditional Ramadan favourites and international cuisines to make the Iftar celebration truly exceptional. For reservations and inquiries, contact us now!

Ramadan Iftar Party Package:

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As the holy month of Ramadan graces with its presence, Dubai Yachts invite you to enjoy an exclusive iftar party aboard our luxurious yachts. Ramadan is not merely a month of abstaining from food and drink during daylight hours; it is a period of self-discipline, empathy, and heightened spirituality. Observe fasting from dawn to sunset, breaking their fast with a meal known as Iftar. This daily ritual is a moment of gratitude, unity, and celebration of the blessings bestowed upon us.

Providing a perfect setting combined with the sanctity of Ramadan, our Iftar Cruise invites you to a feast carefully curated by our culinary experts. From traditional Ramadan specialities to international delights, our gourmet buffet ensures a dining experience that will be cherished forever.

Apart from providing Ramadan special dishes and appetizers, aboard Dubai Yachts, you will also find prayer rooms as you join fellow guests in prayer, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and modern luxury. Join us for an unforgettable experience on the tranquil waters, where every moment celebrates togetherness and reflection.

Ramadan Iftar Cruise on Dubai Yachts

Iftar Buffet Available

Dates - Traditional Ramadan Drinks - International Cuisines - Refreshing Drinks - Live BBQ (Upon Request)

Emirati local narrating the tradition of the UAE

Iftar Cruise Route

Dubai Marina — JBR — Blue water Island – Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel –The One and Only Hotel — Atlantis The Palm – Burj Al Arab

Iftar Cruise in Dubai - Book Now

Secure your spot for this extraordinary Ramadan Iftar Cruise by visiting our website or contacting our reservation desk. Whether you are planning a private gathering with loved ones or a corporate event, our various packages cater to diverse needs and preferences.

As the crescent moon announces the arrival of Ramadan, join us on this sacred journey, where luxury, spirituality, and gastronomy intertwine to create an unforgettable Iftar experience. For bookings & reservations, contact our Guest Experience Manager.

Frequently Asked Questions​

What is included in the Iftar yacht cruise package?

The iftar yacht cruise package includes – 3hrs luxury yacht cruise, delicious iftar buffet with dates, and traditional Ramadan drinks, and complimentary beverages.

What time does the Iftar cruise start and end?

The Iftar cruise usually starts around sunset to allow guests to break their fast onboard luxury yachts. Typically, the iftar time in Dubai is 06:28 PM.

Are beverages included in the package?

Yes, the Iftar yacht cruise package typically includes complimentary beverages such as water, soft drinks, and, in some cases, traditional Ramadan drinks.

Is there entertainment provided during the Iftar cruise?

No, as per DCTM, live entertainment shows in Ramadan are strictly prohibited. However, onboard luxury yachts, we will prepare everything to make your cruise fun-filled with the memories to be cherished forever.

Is there a dress code for the Iftar yacht cruise?

While there may not be a strict dress code, we encourage our guests to wear casuals or traditional attire to enhance the festive vibe.

How do I make a reservation for the Iftar yacht cruise in Dubai?

Reservations can be made through our website, customer service hotline, or by visiting our office. A deposit may be required to secure your booking.