eFoil in Dubai

Glide Above the Waters with Efoil Board Ride from Dubai Yachts

eFoil Ride in Dubai

Book efoil rental or electric hydrofoil in Dubai for AED 500 for 30 mins to have fun in style! You can choose between 30 mins or 1 hr Efoil ride. Reserve your watersports now by contacting us. Book your efoil ride in Dubai now and enjoy the following perks.

  • Feel the excitement of gliding above the clear waters
  • Discover the only way to fly above the sea
  • Surf across the magnificent skyline of Dubai
  • Embark on a flying experience like no other

Contact us now to book your experience electric foil water sports activity in Dubai!

Book eFoil in Dubai

Feel the rush of gliding across the water with eFoil board! eFoil board, known as lift efoils is the newest and most thrilling way to experience the open water. The boards are designed for both beginners and experts alike. eFoil boards (electric hydrofoil) are easy to operate and provide a unique experience that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels.

With its ability to reach speeds up to 25mph, there’s no need for waves or wind, to get out on the water! We don’t just offer electronic foil surf bord rental services, but also provide everything else you need to make your ride on wind or waves even more memorable. From safety tips & tricks, our crew members will take care of all it! 

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Efoil Ride Pricing Info

Attention thrill seekers and adventurers: it’s time to amp up your getaway with an unforgettable experience. Life is an adventure, so why not take it up a notch? Book your water sports ride now! 

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30 mins

Experience the thrill of gliding above the dancing waves

500 AED

Why Choose Dubai Yachts?

Dubai Yachts offers the perfect opportunity to experience the thrill of an Lift eFoil board cruise and explore Dubai’s beautiful coastline aboard a luxurious yacht. Our yacht rental services offer you an adrenaline-filled, once-in-a-lifetime experience with an lift foil board cruise in Dubai. Enjoy breathtaking views of Dubai’s skyline and coastlines as you soar above the waves.

All our yachts are meticulously maintained and inspected for safety & security before each trip. Our experienced crew will ensure that your journey is safe and smooth. We provide luxurious yachts at affordable prices, so you can enjoy a fun-filled day! With us, you can just sit back and relax aboard our private luxury yachts!

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Frequently Asked Questions​

How much does it cost to rent an eFoil in Dubai?

The cost to rent an efoil in Dubai can vary depending on the rental duration. On average, you need to pay around AED 500 for 30 mins efoil ride in Dubai. 

Are there any requirements or restrictions to rent an eFoil in Dubai?

To rent an eFoil in Dubai, you will typically need to meet certain requirements such as being at least 16 years old & possessing basic swimming skills.

Do I need prior experience to ride an eFoil?

No, there is no prior experience or private lesson required to ride an efoil in Dubai, as the efoil boards are designed to be user-friendly and accessible to beginners.

Where can I ride an eFoil in Dubai?

You can ride an efoil in Dubai in most popular spots including – Jumeirah Beach, Kite Beach, and other routes along Dubai Marina. However, it’s advisable to check local regulations, and guidelines before riding to ensure compliance and safety.

Is it safe to ride an eFoil?

Yes, eFoils can be safe to ride. It’s important to follow safety guidelines, wear appropriate personal flotation devices, and be mindful of other water users.