Dubai Heritage Cruise

Local Emirati on Dubai Yachts

Dubai Heritage Yacht Cruise

Dubai Yachts partnered with Host Theatre to present the Dubai Heritage Cruise Package, priced at AED 15,000 for 12 guests. Customization options are available to cater to larger groups upon request. Package includes:

  • Luxury yacht cruise for 2.5 hours.
  • Traditional songs and dance performances by local artists.
  • Listen to the history of the UAE from local narrators.
  • Art of Arab perfumery & try on an abaya or kandura.

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Explore Dubai Heritage Cruise Package

Welcome aboard our exclusive Dubai Heritage Cruise Package, where you can discover the captivating history of UAE tradition while enjoying a luxury yacht cruise on our elegant yacht. Let the talented local artists from Host Theatre entertain you with traditional songs, dances, and tales, painting a picture of Emirati culture before your eyes. Book the Dubai Heritage Cruise for only AED 15,000 and enjoy the Emirati way of life.

Heritage Yacht Cruise Package include:

Key Highlights of Dubai Heritage Cruise

Our Dubai Heritage Cruise offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the rich tapestry of Emirati tradition through a curated blend of fun-filled experiences:

Cultural Performances: Guests aboard can enjoy traditional performances organized by the Host Theatre, including mesmerizing dances, music, and theatrical displays highlighting the rich heritage of the Emirates. The host is an Emirati who will share fascinating facts & stories about the rich heritage of the UAE and guide guests on a cruise around Palm Jumeirah while explaining the vibrant cultural experience.

Live Entertainment: Guests onboard can now indulge in tailor-made entertainment packages showcasing the essence of traditional UAE culture. Experience the elegance of Emirati attire by trying on an abaya or kandura, the traditional garments, and discover the ancient art of perfumery. This exciting yacht event, directed by Alex Broun – an Australian professional with a background in directing and producing entertainment programs for Gulf Countries – promises an unparalleled entertainment extravaganza onboard luxury yachts.

Gourmet Delights: We also offer a selection of traditional Emirati dishes alongside international cuisines, carefully curated to tantalize the guests’ taste buds onboard. Our in-house culinary team, in collaboration with Host Theatre’s event organizers, creates a memorable feast on the waves. From traditional Emirati banquets to international-themed evenings, guests onboard can enjoy a variety of culinary experiences against the backdrop of Dubai’s iconic skyline.

Host with Locals

In 2.5 hrs cruise, know the UAE culture from the locals– try on an abaya or kandura & discover the ancient art of Arab perfumery.

Entertainment shows on Heritage Tour

First-Class Show Directed by Alex Broun

Theatrical Voyage with traditional songs, expressive dances, local arts and engaging stories.

Book Dubai Heritage Cruise with Us

In just a 2.5-hour voyage, you will witness the beauty of Dubai and the history of Emirati culture come to life before your eyes. Enjoy traditional songs, dances, local arts, and engaging stories that leave an incredible mark on your heart and soul. Join us today for this theatrical voyage and let the vibrant story of the Emirates inspire you.

Frequently Asked Questions​

What activities are available during the Dubai Heritage Cruise?

Guests can enjoy cultural performances such as traditional dances, music, and theatrical displays, along with live entertainment featuring the opportunity to try on traditional Emirati attire and learn about Arab perfumery. They can also indulge in a selection of traditional Emirati dishes and international cuisines.

Who conducts the cultural performances and entertainment on board luxury yachts during Heritage Cruise?

The cultural performances are organized by the Host Theatre, featuring local Emirati artists, and the entertainment onboard is directed by Alex Broun, an Australian professional with experience in producing entertainment programs for Gulf Countries.

How can I book the Dubai Heritage Cruise?

You can book the cruise by contacting us directly to secure your spot for this theatrical voyage.

How much does the Dubai Heritage Cruise cost?

The cruise package costs AED 15,000 for up to 12 guests.