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Are you considering renting a luxury yacht in Dubai but don’t know how to get started? We have listed down the top 10 luxury yacht rental company in Dubai. Each company listed here comes up with stunning features to transform your maritime dreams into a reality.

#1 Yacht Rental Company – Dubai Yachts

Dubai Yachts is the leading premier luxury yacht rental company in Dubai, offering a huge fleet of well-maintained yachts that can accommodate guests ranging from 12 to 40. This yacht company provides the best yacht party packages for birthdays, corporate events, romantic cruises, family get-togethers, and wedding parties. You can opt for water toys to perform adrenaline-rush activities on Dubai waters. You can indulge yourself in utmost luxury and comfort with a team of certified captains, professional crew, and onboard chefs. Rent a luxury yacht with Dubai Yachts and enjoy the best cruising experience in Dubai.

#2 Yacht Charter Company – Champion Yachts

Champion Yachts, the yacht rental company in Dubai, features a huge fleet of yachts. The company offers luxury yacht cruise packages with additional services upon request. With a professional crew, bespoke services, and attention to detail, renting a yacht from this yacht rental company ensures a truly royal experience on the Dubai waters.

#3 Yacht Cruise Company – Exclusive Yachts

Exclusive Yachts offers the best yachting experience in Dubai. The company has a huge fleet of luxury yachts accommodating small and large gatherings. Their extensive fleets, state-of-the-art amenities, and personalized services make them one of the best choices among discerning clientele.

#4 Yacht Charter Company – Cozmo Yachts

Being the leading yacht rental company in the UAE, Cozmo Yachts owns a fleet of luxury yachts, perfect for every occasion like corporate team building, birthday parties, and family get-togethers. Stepping onboard Cozmo Yachts will make you feel elite by their professional services and top-class amenities.

#5 Yacht Rental Company – Asfar Yachts

With a fleet of luxury yachts, Asfar Yachts provides the best yacht rental packages for intimate gatherings and grand celebrations. Equipped with top-class amenities, luxurious interiors, and professional services onboard, the yacht company in Dubai stands out for its commitment to excellence.

#6 Yacht Cruise Company – Gold’s Yacht

Gold’s Yacht, the luxury yacht charter company, offers the best yacht renting experience in Dubai. If you like cruising on Dubai waters, adrenaline rush water sports or fishing cruises to find the best catch of the day, they have it covered.

#7 Yacht Tour Company – Mala Yachts

Mala Yachts is renowned for its top-tier hospitality, fleet of luxury yachts, and excellent amenities onboard. You can rent a luxury yacht in Dubai, whether it’s for birthday parties, corporate events, romantic dinner cruises, or fishing cruises. Like other yacht rental companies in Dubai, Mala Yachts offers hourly, daily, and monthly rentals.

#8 Boat Rental Company – Seven Yachts

Seven Yachts is a luxury yacht charter in Dubai, offering premium yachts with elegant designs and spaciously appointed cabins. With a team of professionally trained captains and crew, the company provides the highest quality service to make guests feel special during the trip.

#9 Charter Yacht Company – Nanje Yachts

With a fleet of luxury yachts anchored in Dubai Marina, Nanje Yachts are perfect for birthday parties, weddings, romantic cruises, corporate events, water sports activities, and fun fishing. Guests onboard can enjoy live BBQs and freshly prepared international cuisines by our private chef.

#10 Yacht Company – Swiss Yachts

Offering luxury yacht cruises, Swiss Yachts features a collection of yachts for small groups and large gatherings. The yacht company ranks in the list of top 10 yacht rental company in Dubai by delivering the best yacht rental services with utmost professionalism and world-class hospitality.

That’s it – The above listed are the top 10 luxury yacht rental company in Dubai. We hope this list helps you to find the right luxury yacht rental company in Dubai to private yachts for special occasions and enjoy the various amenities, water sports, delicious foods, and other exciting attractions onboard.

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